Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eden's Favorite Toys

I want to be able to freeze time so I don't ever forget the fun moments that we have while Eden is so little. Since I can't do that I decided to go around the house and take pictures of some of her favorite toys right now. These are the toys that she's most intrigued by these days and seems to gravitate towards when its play time {well, when she's not sleeping or eating.}

May 3:
Her Bus - She's recently learned how to pull it around with the string, but even better, she's learned how to put the balls into the round circle on the top of the bus.

Her Plane and Train - The train is a stack and surprise blocks train and she loves that its like a 2-in-1 for her {because she loves those things too!} The plane is a gift she got for her birthday, right after we found out that Lane would fly the C130, so Eden has her very own cargo plane to fly around now!

Books - it doesn't matter which one, or how many times she's looked at the pictures before. She loves to read. She now brings books to us and sits in our laps to read {a page} and I'm absolutely in love with the quality time that she likes to spend cuddling with us.

Her Race Horse - She can mount and dismount this thing like a pro. Bouncing and "jumping" on this thing are her favorites.

Her Chair - Yep, it's just a chair, however, we will find her just sitting in this chair doing nothing...just sitting. I think she likes the fact that its her size.

Her Crayons - She's a natural Picasso! She loves to have paper taped to the table so she can color. Watch out kids menus, Eden is allowed to have crayons now!!

Her Ball Pit - She loves climbing into this thing. She's learned to put the balls through the circles on this toy too. She does also like to get in and throw the balls out all over the house. It's a good thing she's {sometimes} good at picking up when we ask her to.

Her "Karaoke" Toy - The microphone on this thing really does work {to an extent} and if you ask her to sing, she'll go over and sing her heart out. All the while the bear is dancing to her music! They're a great pair.

Her Bubbles - These are the best bubbles ever. You can catch them and about a million come out all at once! One of Eden's multiple-syllable words these days is "bubble." Sometimes she's more amused at the fact that Ginger loves the bubbles than she is with the bubbles themselves.

Her Kitchen Drawer - I hate that my serving utensils are in a drawer that is so low to the ground, but Eden doesn't! Drawers and cabinets are hard to come by in this house, so Eden lucked out and she's got  a few that she's allowed to get into, and this is one of them.

Her Tupperware - This is probably one of Eden's favorites in the kitchen, but its one of the ones that I like to keep organized...bad combination!


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