Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cards

Lane picked up our Christmas pictures that we had a friend take for us and I couldn't be more pleased with them! I love the rustic plane behind us dressed up. I love the blue skies. Eden was caught laughing in some. Hunter was caught trying to escape. And even Lane and I were caught in the moment! We were all captured in our true personalities and that's what makes the pictures even more amazing. The pictures are beautiful and I'm excited to have some new family photos - with all four of us - since our last set was when Lane was out of town.

Check out how great we all look together!

And isn't Eden just too beautiful for words?!

Oh, and Hunter is becoming so handsome!

But the way the two of them interact with each other could melt my heart!

And then there's the lovebirds. We clean up kind of nice too!

So when you get your Christmas cards this year, you'll see more of what you see here, but how could I just pick a few?! Yep, there are NINE pictures on our cards this year! I couldn't help it, the pictures turned out so well!

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  1. I can't see the photos! I want to know which ones you chose! :)