Saturday, December 29, 2012


Traveling is part of our way of life. We may not do it too often, but in order for us to get to family, we must travel a bit. Eden is getting more and more used to what is expected on the plane, and Hunter still has no idea what's going on. This trip wasn't terrible on the way out of town, but when we were on our way home I wanted to rip my hair out!
Gifts were wrapped and ready to go!
Look who we found on the plane bags! He even brought North Pole snacks to share {marshmallows and candy canes}
Being entertained on the plane. Eden with play dough and Hunter with Toy Story {for about 2.5 seconds}
Eden on the train heading to go get our bags.
We had a layover in Vegas, which wasn't too bad. Getting to Vegas, on the other hand, was awful! it was a 4 hour flight and then a 45 minute flight from there to home. Ugh! I really need to do a better job when planning our layovers! The point was to let the kids get up and about so they weren't feeling so cramped...oh well.
I'm so glad I didn't have to deal with all that stuff on my own! There's even a bag that you can't see...AND a box that's being shipped to us.
It was hard to leave Atlanta as it was, and then this beautiful sunset didn't make it any easier to say goodbye.
Hunter getting some front-facing car seat practice since we used it as a stroller in the airport.
Eden was showing Simba the Lion King.
Flight #2, it's getting to be a long day.

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