Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Motherhood Is...{48}

Girls Night Out
 We all need a night or 2 every now and then that allows us to be away from the kids in order to rejuvenate ourselves and unwind so we can start it all over again. Each month, Lane's squadron has a spouses social where we get together and talk about the upcoming events for the squadron and the base, but we also use it as a time to enjoy time with other women. Most of us have kids, and most of us are excited for a night out. I was glad to go to our Christmas party this month. 

Even more so because I think Hunter needed to have alone Daddy time without me around. When Hunter woke up the next morning he was following Lane around and he was treating him like he normally treats me - basically he was Lane's shadow. I was happy to see him have that type of dependence on Lane. They normally play together and have fun together, but this was something obviously different. It warmed my heart to see them interact like they were.

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