Sunday, December 16, 2012

Motherhood Is...{46}

I'm a type-A control freak when it comes to living life. I like everything to be planned, and I like to know what comes next. {How I can be a military spouse is simply amazing to me sometimes!} Being a mom comes with times that I'm not always prepared for. You know those moments - tantrums in Target, blow outs in the parking lot, vomit {most of these moments involve bodily functions, let's be honest!!!!!}

A few weeks ago, we were able to enjoy a good spontaneous event as a family. On a whim, I saw that Trans-Siberian Orchestra was in town...that night. Lane was flying all day and I was going to have to pick him up from his flight because they landed at another airfield than where they took off from. Not a big deal, I thought it would be a great surprise for him. Not only that we could go, but that I was willing to go at such a short notice. 

It was a blast. The kids did great. The show was as fabulous as I remembered. Hunter slept in the carrier most of the show and Eden was amazed by the lights and the fire on stage. The amazement in her eyes was perfect. To see the innocence of something so awesome was great. 

Every now and then it's nice to throw in some good spontaneity in life. And for real, the good is much better than the bad - especially when the bad is mostly bodily functions. 

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