Wednesday, December 5, 2012


To say the least...I'm caught up on all of my pictures - Hunter's weekly, his monthly, my daily pictures, my motherhood posts - but blogger decided that I have too many interesting things going on in my life to keep posting. Well, not really, but sort of. I have run out of space and now must purchase storage space for all of the pictures I want to post. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to go back and repost on all of the updates that have the big huge "do not enter" looking things on them!!!

Basically, I updated some posts and decided to schedule them so they didn't all post at the same time. Within the time between posts, blogger said I didn't have anymore space. I got frustrated and didn't want to do anything about it - because I tried to create space and it didn't work. Ugh. I left it alone, but now people are asking and I want to post pictures again, so I will. I promise. I just have to see how long it takes for google to accept payment and free up some storage space for me. It could be instantaneous, it could take a few hours - I don't really know because I haven't looked into that part of it.

On a positive note, and TOTALLY unrelated, Eden woke up to pee on the potty last night! Nope, I sure didn't want to get up at 4am, but when I realized why I was being summoned, I was 110% happy to do it! We're on our way to no diapers with her! She's out of them at nap time, and most days wakes up with a dry diaper, so I'm excited about this next step - well, sort of. It's one of those bitter-sweet moments that I don't want to come, but I'm so excited about it at the same time! Yay Eden!!!!

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