Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Pat and Paul did not disappoint this year! They put up their decorations and everything still looks great. We didn't have to go out looking for lights to see, we had our own little place to enjoy lights, sip hot chocolate or wine, and let the kids run wild while Christmas carols played in the back ground! Sara and Adam were able to bring Leah to join us, and we had the Daigle cousins there to enjoy the evening. Mimi and Pop were the ones who initiated the idea, so of course they came to join in the fun too. It's nice to be able to watch the kids enjoy the company of each other while the parents are able to relax and chat a little.

Skylar and Bentley
Leah and Sara

After we enjoyed Winter Wonderland to it's fullest, we went back to the Daigle home and tried to get some pictures of the kids all in their matching shirts. I put together some reindeer shirts for all the cousins to match. I finished them right before we left for Winter Wonderland even though I had hoped to make them and send them out at the beginning of the month. They all got to wear them, and that's what matters most!

I have a picture of Eden crawling away from the group picture at Grandma's house her first Christmas too!

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