Wednesday, December 5, 2012

North Pole Breakfast

Our Elf on the Shelf has come back this year! This year he brought us breakfast from the North Pole the morning after Thanksgiving and he's been hiding around our house keeping an eye on the kids' behavior for Santa. Eden made sure to give him a name after we read the book and she found him with our breakfast. His name is Santa. Let's talk about how confusing that can be! Oh. My. Goodness. We've had to call him Santa the Elf when we're talking about him, and Santa Claus when we're talking about the jolly man who comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve. Eden loved being able to have sweet things for breakfast. I mean, really, "snow covered doughnuts," and candy canes in milk, and frosted cheerios {for Hunter} - yep, he's a second child, ha ha. We're having a lot of fun this Christmas season as Eden is getting more into it {and we're talking more and more about Jesus' birth and the "reason" for the season} and lights are more fun, and Hunter wants to pull down the Christmas tree!

Here's the inside look at what Santa the Elf has been up to at our house:
He hid in the fridge and turned our milk green!
He wrapped our tree in toilet paper! 
Silly Santa!!!
He caught a ride in Santa Claus' Sleigh {he has a tissue because Eden touched him and instead of not coming back, he got a tissue to help him feel better and get his Santa magic back in order to go back to the North Pole that night}
This one was just too silly, and even Eden didn't like that he had a marker. The first thing she did when she saw him was take the marker from him and put it back in the drawer. HE DREW ON OUR PICTURES!!!

Santa wanted to make sure that Eden doesn't forget that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus' birth, so he brought her a sticker book of The Very First Christmas.

He's also been found in Eden's toy bus, hiding in the bathroom with a note {to remind Eden that she has to be good for him to keep coming back. He was close to going on strike because of her behavior one day!} and on the ceiling fan!

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