Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pink Pig

A family tradition is to visit the Macy's Pink Pig when we're in town for Thanksgiving or Christmas. She's a Christmas thing, but of course, up and running for Thanksgiving too! Last year we took Eden, and this year she was excited to go back.
The old car from the ride. It used to hang from a track on the ceiling at the Festival of Trees when Parker and I were kids.

The line was long, and the ride was short, but it was worth it in the end. To see the smile on Eden's face and to hear her and Sara go back and forth about seeing the green/purple/red/whatever-color pig was priceless. Sara would ask, "Did you have fun on the purple pig?" and Eden was quick to respond that it was the Pink Pig that we saw. I was glad to get to spend as much time as we did with Parker and Sara since I'm not sure how much we'll get to see him over the next year!

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