Sunday, December 30, 2012

Motherhood Is...{51}

I went shopping with Mimi on Christmas Eve afternoon. When we were on our way back home I noticed the church down the street from their house was having a live nativity scene out front. As soon as I walked in the door I made sure to grab Eden, put her jacket on, and head out the door. She loves all things animal, and she's starting to grasp the story of Christmas this year. The two things together were perfect! When we got to the nativity scene, she first noticed the animals, but then saw that the people wandering through didn't all look "normal" to her. She realized that they were Jesus' parents and that Jesus must be somewhere close. When she went to the manger to see him, Mary came over and picked him up to show her. {Eden was slightly disappointed that it was a doll, and not a real baby, but it wasn't too bad!} When I went back to look at this picture later I was just in awe. How awesome is it to have a picture of your child looking at the Baby Jesus being held by Mary? This is a moment that I hope to never forget. It's a moment that I hope she will always remember.

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