Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Herc

Santa came to the squadron Christmas party riding on a C-130! Not only was the party cool because Santa came, but he was on a red-nosed-herc.

It was exciting to see the kids' faces when they saw the plane get there with Santa on it. He popped his head out the top hatch as they were taxiing towards the hangar.

Once the plane came to a stop, they helped to unload the sleigh and Santa came on by to wave to everyone! It was cool to see him getting off the plane to greet us before taking a seat on his throne.

Eden wasn't too sure about Santa while we were waiting our turn. She was excited all day when we were talking about getting to see him, but then when she was going to get her turn she was scared. All day long she said she was going to ask for a bike. She saw one at the store last week and she's more than excited that she can ask Santa for one. She got brave and sat on his lap and told him what she wanted...Hunter on the other hand, not too excited!

After sitting with Santa the kids got to play. There was a bounce house, cookie decorating, food, and even snow!

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