Sunday, November 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Soon enough anyways! It's a month away. Can you believe that this year has come and gone so quickly? Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is slowly seeping into my everyday life a little at a time. It's amazing to me every year that I wait and wait and wait for Christmas and then it's all of a sudden here and then the year is over! Well, here it is, the season to be merry!!!! I say it every year and I'm so giddy right now I can hardly stand it - I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS! The decorations are so pretty, the music is amazing, and everyone seems to wear a smile. Ah, Christmas, how I love you! Can it just be Christmas ALL the time?!

Lane let Eden and me go into the craft store alone a few weeks ago and this is what my kitchen table looked like during nap time. It was amazing, yet horrifying. Christmas ribbon was everywhere and I couldn't do anything but want to toss it in the air like you do with fall leaves! I just wanted to roll around in it. Ok, ok, maybe that's a little too far, but look how beautiful this stuff is. Doesn't it just bring a smile to your face?! *If not, don't admit it to me!* I'm obsessed {if you couldn't tell!}

 I cut strips of ribbon, busted out my hot glue gun and got to work. This is just pure bliss...with a little bit of madness wrapped into one!

 And this is what I came up with! I can't take credit for the idea, but I can for the exicution of it. It was easy. Time consuming, but easy. I sat in a chair, cut ribbon, put glue on a cardboard cone and then doubled the ribbon over to make a loop for the tree. I can't wait to sit this out! {er, I'm excited that I set it out about a month ago, let's be honest!}

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