Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted!

Before you get this wild idea that I'm going to get all political on here. I clearly don't know enough about politics to do that, so don't worry! I'm just excited because I love a good competition. That, and I'm pumped about no more political adds on tv, no one slamming someone else on the radio, and no more phone calls. Ahhh, peace in the world again.

But let's face it, our tvs will be bombarded with political "stuff" starting before the polls even close. Every minute of my evening will be revolving around who won what state and how many votes does that earn someone. That part is exciting! The not knowing is so exciting to me! I got to vote in a swing state {Florida} this year, so I feel like my vote counted more than when I voted in Georgia. I can't wait to see what color my state becomes tonight!

I have my map all printed out and I'm ready to color it in at home. We were going to have a results party at our house tonight with some friends, but Eden had other plans. Last night she started throwing up. She was a sad sight to see, for sure! Because she was sick last night and my house ended up looking like a bomb went off because we were catching vomit in a bucket all night and running to the drug store we're in no position to host anyone at our house. We're still going to color our map at home, but just with the 4 of us!

So here's to the 2 candidates, may the best man win. And here's to everyone else, just remember that whatever happens, we still have Jesus as our savior and the king of our hearts. Pray for whoever takes office, that they fulfill all that they've said they will and that they take our country in the right direction.

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