Monday, November 19, 2012

From The Mouth of Babes

Today was a great "Eden" day. She was full of one liners and silly things to say! I couldn't get enough of what she had to say today, and I laughed out loud so many times I had to gain years back to my life!

Earlier today Eden told me, with a book light in hand, "mommy, take your bra off and let me see your boobs!" Um, excise me!!!??? She was pretending she was a doctor and she wanted to give me a checkup. I guess I'm going toned to keep a closer eye on her when she's got friends over! I never realized the playing doctor thing that we all joke about could come true!

Later in the afternoon Eden introduced me to her very first imaginary friend. She walked her over by putting her hand on the small of her back and introduced me to her. She said, "look mommy, this is Ms. Marie," and I shook her hand and said how wonderful it was to meet her. I thanked Eden for bringing Ms. Marie to meet me and then giggled under my breath because I know who she named her friend after. Our next door neighbor is Ms. Marie...and she's 85 years old!

Eden didn't spare Lane in her shenanigans today! While I was fixing dinner he had the kids in the living room. Hunter was on the couch with Lane and Eden was all over the place. She was holding Hunter at one point, getting a toy at another. All of a sudden I heard Lane get frustrated with Eden and he said to her, "don't pull your brother off the couch! What's wrong with you?!" Usually she just leaves the situation an pretend there was nothing wrong with what he did. Tonight was different, she acknowledged the question and even answered him. Her response to his question was, "nothing," before she walked away like he was crazy for asking her such a thing.

I think tonight proves to us that we're going to have our hands full for a very long time when it comes to parenting Eden! She's got lot of sass and to back that up, she's smart! We're in trouble for sure!

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