Sunday, November 4, 2012

Motherhood Is...{44}

A Time Warp

Seriously, did time move this quickly before kids? I worked before kids, and though I loved my job Friday could never get here quick enough. I looked forward to the weekends because I got to sleep in and stay out late! Well, weekends don't matter as much any more because I still don't get to sleep in and I sure shouldn't be staying up late - let alone, being out late! The later you stay out, the more expensive it gets because you're now paying a babysitter. 8 months ago I was wondering if I was going to go into labor at every moment! 8 months ago I only had 1 kid tearing apart my house. 8 months ago Lane thought I was crazy {and I was! All those hormones, they got to me!!!}

Oh, and if the time warp of passing time hadn't made me out of my mind before, I'm sure out of my mind now. Check out the date that I put Hunter's monthly sticker on...Yep, the wrong day! It isn't just me this time either. When I said to Lane {on the 28th} that I needed to take Hunter's pictures tomorrow, he replied with, "weren't you supposed to do that today?" knowing full and well that it was only the 28th {because he called his sister to wish her a happy birthday!} Yeah, that's right, we both had it wrong this month. He said that in the back of his mind he was thinking that it had to be the 28th because there are only 28 days in February. I can see us getting into some trouble with this whole leap year birthday at some point!

The time'll get'cha every time!

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