Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today, and at least one Wednesday a month, I'm watching a friend's little boy. I love watching Coen because he and Eden are friends and Eden gets to be the big kid since I'm watching him because his big brother {older than both Eden and Coen} is in school and Angie has to volunteer at least one day a month to help in the classroom. Best of both worlds! Eden can be the big kid, Angie gets time with Cael, and Coen gets some QT without having big brother around {I'm sure he needs it too!}

Today while I had Coen, he and Hunter both had poop diapers. Just what I wanted! Made that love of having Coen here once a month seem like doomsday! I changed both boys' diapers while Eden was playing in the living room. When I changed the second diaper, Eden looked at me and said, "Mommy, they match! His privates are like Hunter's. And Cael!"

The icing on the cake was when she said, "My butt doesn't look like that," and walked away. I knew that Eden had seen boy privates before because she takes a bath with her brother, but I didn't realize that she knew that boys matched each other and were different from hers. So I guess it begins, the first of many awkward conversations about privates {and in the back of my mind I know they'll eventually - not any time soon - lead to the birds and the bees...someone save me!}

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