Saturday, November 24, 2012

Give Thanks

This Thanksgiving we didn't get to celebrate with family. Being so far from family we weren't able to go home for Thanksgiving {because we're going to go home for Christmas!} so we celebrated with our "chosen family" that we've acquired through the military. I love that we've got such a great group of people that surround us. Angie and James are great friends to us and their kids are just as great and a perfect fit for our kids. While we all hung out and ate delicious food the kids ran around and played. They screamed with joy and they screamed with frustration with each other because they all act like they're siblings! Angie and James have great neighbors that joined us for Thanksgiving and it was so awesome to enjoy their company as well. Their girls are great with our kids and they occasionally get to babysit for us. Eden gets so excited to know that any or all of the Greers will be wherever we're going. It's great knowing that we can trust people who get along with our kids so well.
Our salt and pepper shakers made it to our friends house for Thanksgiving dinner with us. A few years ago Lane's parents gave this set of shakers to everyone because there's always a chance that we won't all be together for Thanksgiving, but we can all use our pilgrims to help unite us through our physical distance. I think this year no one was able to go "home" for Thanksgiving, so it was nice to know we each could "be together" through the pilgrims this year.
The family on our hike to earn our turkey and pumpkin roll! We let Eden walk the 2 miles, so I'm not sure Lane and I earned anything since we were going at her pace, but we can all pretend, right?!

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