Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

We didn't carve our pumpkin for Halloween this year. Lane's schedule didn't work with it and I didn't want to do it alone. I guess as long as we don't carve it, it'll stay "good" and we can carve it when we can all be together in the evening. Eden did pick out 2 baby pumpkins from the squadron fall festival and we painted those one morning while Hunter was napping. Eden loved being able to paint them. So excited, actually, that she painted my pumpkin too!

And then it was over and Eden got sad. I'm not sure what the pout was about, but she got right up and painted more after this short lived break. She even decided for some unknown reason that she'd put the paint brush in her mouth...toddlers, you never know what comes next!

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