Saturday, November 3, 2012

Picture Post

October 29 - Eden woke up very hot and grumpy from her nap, so I had her lay on the cool tile floor to help her relax and calm down. I think it worked...
October 30 - Happy Halloween from my little pumpkins!
October 31 - Limes from our lime tree.

October 31 - I moved Hunter's pack-n-play out of our room and replaced it with this chair and "table" as a retreat in my room. I'm kind of in love with it and hoping we don't use it as a dumping grounds for junk.
October 31 - Resting up for his trick-or-treating excursion.
November 1 - From Halloween to fall/Thanksgiving all in the turn of a few blocks {they were my "BOO" blocks for Halloween}
November 2 - Yep, Hunter is standing on the stairs. Nope, I didn't put him there. My life as I know it is over, he can climb the stairs!
November 2 - My center stone on my engagement ring was really, really loose and I sent it back to Georgia with Sara and Adam when they were here last week. It just came back in the mail today! I've never been so excited to see a little maroon box in my whole life...well, I'm sure I have, but I was glad it made the trek across the US just fine! I was so nervous about it being in the mail!
November 2 - Eden put Lane's cover on for him. She *almost* got it right.
November 3 - We did the color run as a family. It was a blast! {I think Hunter had the most fun of all of us!}

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