Saturday, November 3, 2012

Color Run

Today we did another 5k as a family. I think Lane pretends to hate these things, but in reality I think he enjoys doing them with us. He doesn't keep up with his running like I do, but he can still beat me when we do these events so I'm sure it makes him feel better! Of course, he's not going to let me out-run him even if he's not fit enough to make the runs.

Everyone starts the race with white shirts on...

And then the run starts. The color run is a run that is based around having fun. Every kilometer is marked with a color. The color is a powder substance and it is just sprayed all over you when you go through. There are volunteers at each color station and they've got large ketchup bottle-type bottles and their sole purpose is to douse you with color. They didn't take their jobs lightly and it was a lot of fun to see Eden's confusion turn into excitement about the color!

After the run, everyone is drenched in color...

And as if you didn't get enough color, everyone gets a "color pack" in their race packets. After the race everyone throws their color in the air as part of the "color fest" and you get more color.
Eden and Mommy in the middle of all the color!

We had a lot of fun and I'm kind of excited for the next one!

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