Thursday, December 5, 2013

Motherhood Is…{49}

I am blessed by love.

I know that sounds redundant, but even on the worst days of parenthood, there are glimpses of love throughout. Like today, Eden had a fabulous morning, but then after lunch she turned into a maniac and there wasn't anything that could tame her. As we were getting ready for bed she was brushing my hair and she told me that I was her best friend.

Look at the 2 of them in this picture! How can you not look at this and be blessed by the amount of love here?! They were running around like crazy people, and we asked them to go into the toy room and calm down together. When we checked on them and this is what we saw. They were sitting quietly watching a show, under the blanket, enjoying being together. It was the best ending to a stressful day!

They really do love each other deep down!

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