Friday, December 27, 2013


Finally, I can share the gift-craft that the kids and I worked on. I cannot take credit for the idea of this craft, just the execution.
All I had to do was paint the kids' feet and put them on the thin canvas. Eden and I were able to do her portion of this project while Hunter napped, but Hunter needed another set of hands to help so we waited for Lane to be home to help. I debated about adding the year to the canvas, but I decided to add the date to the back because I don't like my penmanship when it comes to numbers. I lucked out because I had the gold ribbon already and I had {on a whim} decided to paint the gold bows on the mistle*toes* already! Talk about good luck! 

This is my new favorite Christmas decoration this year! I love that it also helps me look back in future years to see how they've grown. 

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