Monday, December 23, 2013

Motherhood Is…{51}

I am blessed by healthy, happy, and growing children.

Hunter has insisted on sleeping in Eden's bed at nap time. The first nap he took in the big kid bed was a good and long nap - he slept for 2 hours! We've since moved Eden's bed into Hunter's room and he's officially in a big boy bed.

This is very bitter sweet for me. When we moved Eden into the bed we had a baby on the way. Now that we've moved Hunter into the bed I feel like I'm losing my baby. There's not another one coming, and both of my babies are in big kid beds. Hunter is also starting to show *some* interest in potty training. Once he's not in diapers anymore, there aren't anymore diapers.

I know these are all blessings, but deep down it all makes me sad...

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