Monday, December 30, 2013

Rockin' Ever After Show

One of the gifts the kids got from a family member was some money with the request of a picture of how they used their money. We were told to do something as a family and to have fun together - go to the movies, get a new toy, have ice cream, anything! Because we were already planning on going to Disney on Ice, we decided that the kids could each choose a toy {something that we don't normally do.}
Once the show started, we got to see some pretty awesome characters! The basis of the show was that Mickey and Minnie were hosting a talent show. Goofy kept the order of the show on his clipboard and Donald took pictures of everything as it was happening. 
First up was Pinocchio and then the Evil Stepsisters.
Following the stepsisters we got to see the mermaids! Sebastian brought out Ariel's sisters. At the end of their performance, as he was introducing them, they discovered that Ariel was missing. 
Once Ariel came out, the story of The Little Mermaid. Eden had just seen the movie for the first time that morning, so she was excited to see it on the ice.

When Ariel got her legs, it was amazing! I think it might have been one of my favorite parts of the show. 
Beauty and the Beast was also part of the show. 

The Tangled portion was cute. It started with Mickey and Minnie telling the Hooligans from the movie that they couldn't have a talent of being rude. They started with their I Have a Dream song from the movie and then the story continued on.
They even had lanterns that were released - and it was just as beautiful as in the movie!
The final act was Mickey Mouse. Mickey told a story - the story of Merida. 
Once the finale started, the characters were in their nicest dress. Most of them came skating right by us waving goodnight. 

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