Friday, December 27, 2013

Disney {Day 2}

Day 2 started early again. When we were packing up our things to check out of the hotel, the kids discovered where their elf was {he was in the cup holder of the car with white chocolate covered pretzels shaped like Mickey on Monday so that he didn't miss the trip.} He placed himself safely in the side pocket of the backpack and hung out with us all day on Tuesday.
The one thing that Eden asked for on Day 1 was that she get to see the princesses and we didn't do it. The wait was over an hour long, so we promised her we would get to the park as soon as the park opened so we could see the princesses before breakfast. This was probably that smartest thing we've ever done. There were hardly any people there at the opening time. We saw the princesses and we walked right onto a few of the rides with no wait.

Once again, we had a character breakfast. We saw a lot of characters at this breakfast. Every time we turned around there was someone else there to see us. There was no singing and dancing, but Eden didn't seem to miss it much.

Eden hadn't gotten enough of the characters so we headed off to toon town to visit Minnie's house. Minnie was the first {and only} character that Hunter warmed up to enough to give a hug. He gave a lot of high fives, got excited to see many of the characters, but Minnie was the only one that got a hug - he wouldn't even take pictures with most of them!

We headed over to California Adventures to experience a little bit more of the theme park. Eden wanted to go back to Bug Land, and we wanted to make sure to see the Pixar Parade at the end of the day. Eden loves the Ariel ride and Hunter loves so many of the Toy Story characters, so it was the perfect compromise for the family.

Hunter took a teeny little nap, and while he slept, Lane and I traded opportunities to sit down for a few minutes while the other one took Eden on a few rides. Ahhhh - it felt so good to get a few minutes of just siting down with no one climbing on something, yelling about something, running around, wandering too far. My feet thanked Hunter for sleeping, for sure!
When nap time ended, we grabbed a snack and then headed over to Monsters Inc.
With just a few minutes before the Pixar Parade the Disney Jr. Live on Stage show was starting, so we took time out to enjoy the show. Both kids loved the show and it was a great way to get some down-time before standing to watch the parade.

At the end of the parade we decided to take a family picture with Santa over the end of the street. It reminded me of the movie Prancer. The movie was one of my favorites as a kid and Eden and I watched it together this year. When I saw the Santa, I just couldn't resist!
We left California Adventures to go back to Disneyland for dinner. When we got over there, we discovered that our timing couldn't have been any better. The parade was ending and Santa was rounding the corner! He was so awesome!

Our last stop in Disney was dinner at a cafe on Main Street. While we were at dinner the castle lit up again {we couldn't see it this time} and it snowed again. I had told Eden that it would snow out on the street, but not at our table because we were too far back from the street. When the snow started falling, it did actually come onto the patio and the look on Eden's face was pure joy!

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