Sunday, December 15, 2013

Motherhood Is…{50}

I am blessed by the act of giving.

This year Eden is old enough to know what other people want for Christmas. She's old enough to understand the excitement of giving gifts. This year we decided to let Eden pick out some of the gifts that we are giving to her cousins. Some cousins she's played with more recently, so she picked those gifts on her own. Other cousins she hasn't seen in quite some time, so I gave her choices based on their interests.

Knowing that I walked out of a store with $150 of toys {both Christmas and birthday gifts for friends and family} and Eden understood that none were for her made my heart happy. She knew what each gift was and was excited to be giving them to their recipients. She even came home and told our neighbor that she got a certain gift for her friend with such excitement!

I was excited to let her pick the gifts and start the teaching process of the joy of giving gifts. I am so blessed to watch her kind heart unfold.

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