Monday, December 16, 2013


This year we got lucky and Lane's squadron hosted their Christmas party at Sea World. We were able to hang out at the park all day and lunch was provided. The kids enjoyed everything about it and they were beyond excited to see all the animals, going on rides, and sledding at "Snow World" within the park.

As soon as we got into the park, Eden saw Pete the Penguin and insisted on a picture with him. Hunter wanted nothing to do with him, so he sat safely in the stroller while Eden posed with Pete.
After we ate lunch, the kids were so excited about going into Snow World. We had to pass it in order to get back to where lunch was and the kids were not excited to pass it by.

After Snow World we headed out to see some animals. We got to see sharks, penguins, dolphins, sting rays, and more! The kids loved the animals.

Petting the dolphin

Trying to pet a sting ray.

Before getting to go see "Shampoo" {what Eden called Shamu all day long!} we took some time for the kids to ride some rides. We had extra hands {Lane and a few of the other dads had to work, so they couldn't make it to the Christmas party this year} and we decided to take advantage while we could.

After the rides were done, it was finally time to go see "Shampoo" with our friends.

"Shampoo" was the last thing we did at the end of the day. It was a great way to end a day at Sea World. We had dinner with friends after leaving the park, but on our way to dinner Hunter passed out in the car. He was so tired from a full day of lots of things to do and see!
Once we were parked at dinner, Hunter woke up and we went in to eat. There was a balloon guy making balloon characters and Eden asked for a ballerina. Hunter wanted nothing to do with the balloons. He popped one last week and he hasn't looked at balloons the same ever since. He's actually terrified of them right now.

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