Friday, December 6, 2013


This year we were lucky enough to have Mimi and Pop here for Thanksgiving. They were here after traveling Route 66 (before my dad turned 67) and it was a quick visit. They had fun while they drove across the country while Mom worked. If you ask me, that's the best way to travel - get paid to do it!
After they got here Wednesday night we prepped for Turkey Day with friends after a hike. We introduced Mimi and Pop to the fun of geocaching. Eden loves to look for treasure when we're out and about! We usually carry a few small dollar store toys with us so that we can trade treasure with the existing treasure in the canister.

And Friday morning we woke up to a surprise from our Elf! Santa the Elf made sure our North Pole breakfast was amazing. We enjoyed getting to share this breakfast this year with Mimi and Pop.

After stuffing ourselves with "snow-covered" breakfast items we made sure to indulge in more food! We took Mimi and Pop out to a local restaurant for lunch, followed by a candy shop. Then on Saturday, before heading to the airport, we had one last local stop - Crazee Burger.
We had a great Thanksgiving! We missed the rest of our families, but to have any family around for a holiday is special. We don't often get to share holidays with any family with us, so we made sure not to take any of it for granted! We made sure to send pictures to other family members {who were all over the country!} and we received some too. With technology - and our pilgrim salt and pepper shakers that we took to our dinner at a friends - we were *with* family even when we weren't.

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