Thursday, December 26, 2013

Disney {Day 1}

This week has been a whirlwind for us! We've been going non-stop since Sunday night. We had to get packin' because we spent Monday and Tuesday at Disneyland and California Adventures {a Disney park next door to Disneyland.} The kids had a blast, no one slept enough, everyone laughed more than enough, and we had fun! I'm not going to talk too much about it, but let the pictures do the talking…we took over 200 pictures, so I think they can tell a great story!

Each morning started with a character breakfast. As soon as we walked in, Santa was waiting to see us. That's right…he was waiting on us…we didn't have to wait to see him!
After we talked to Santa for a bit, we went to breakfast. We saw lots of characters, and there were even some shows! The kids loved getting up from the table to go to the stage to dance with Mickey, Minnie, and some of the other characters.
We headed into the park after breakfast, and the day was full of fun and laughs.

We watched a 5 and Dime performance and Eden got to join in the performance. She was invited to join after she saw Dime dancing with Lane {who was completely embarrassed.} Eden leaned into me and said, "Mommy, I really want to dance with her," and then within moments the kids were invited to sing and dance with Dime.

Cars Land is probably our favorite. And by "our" favorite, I mean mine and Lane's favorite. The kids like it too, but Lane and I could spend all day over there. The road that is "Cars Land" is just awesome and you can get lost in your surroundings. You feel like you could be in the movie. Not to mention…all the Christmas decorations! It was just amazing.
And the rides are so…much…FUN!!!
Once the sun went down I surprised the kids with battery powered lights to put on the stroller.
After all the cars and some dinner, we made sure to hit up some other rides before heading to the castle for snow and fireworks.
Lane and Eden are on the middle {red} jellyfish.
The castle was so beautiful! And the snow was spectacular! Eden was amazed by the snow. We were all sad because the fireworks had to be cancelled - except for Hunter…he was asleep, so he didn't care.

When the snow ended we loaded Eden into the stroller and we got ready to leave the park. We stayed at a hotel within a mile of the park so we walked to the hotel and quickly threw the kids in the bed, set an alarm for the next day, and immediately joined the kids in dream-land!

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