Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rockin' Ever After Event

A few weeks ago the Family Readiness Officer {FRO} with Lane's squadron sent an email telling us that we could go see Disney on Ice for free! Before the show, we were invited to an event with lots of fun activities for the kids. One of the emails we received after RSVPing stated that the event was being put on for "recognizing the bravery and noble spirit shown by our troops, Disney On Ice has created a once in a lifetime event inspired by the character Merida from Disney-Pixar's Brave." It was a blast! We were so happy to take part in such a fun outing with the kids.

Once we got to the suite at the arena where the event was being held the fun got started. They had Highland Dancers there to teach some of the kids some cool moves. Eden enjoyed it for a bit, but was overwhelmed by the moves. She watched with just as much excitement though!
Another one of the activities set up for the kids was shield decorating. There were markers, glitter, and some "gems" set out for the kids to use. Eden and Hunter are loving to color these days, so they were pumped about this activity. Hunter doesn't get to use markers at home, so it was extra special for him!
Lane was most excited to see the golf section of the suite. He got to help Hunter putt and it was quite comical! Of course Hunter was into it - there was a ball involved! We got lucky that he never tried to pick up one of the golf balls to throw it across the room.
I think the most exciting part for Eden was that she got to meet another Disney character. Even though we had spent 2 days at Disneyland, she was getting to meet another character that she never saw at Disney. Merida came to greet all of the families who were in attendance at the special pre-show event. Eden and Merida curtsied to each other, and Hunter kept a safe distance.
The last thing the kids did before the event was over was make a beaded necklace. During this event I helped Hunter make a necklace while one of the ice skaters helped Eden make her necklace. The 2 of them chit chatted about different Disney movies and characters. Eden talked about the different princesses and who she had seen that week. It was really neat for Eden to get to talk to one of the performers. I thought it was cool that they had people there to interact with the kids while we were having fun.
After the event, we headed into the show for some more fun!

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