Friday, December 6, 2013

What's Up

So I've been super busy these days! I'm gearing up for the next Triple Crown run. That's right, I'm crazy enough to run the same three half marathons next year that I ran this year. The first run is MLK weekend, and that's only 6 weeks away!!!!

To add to my stress I decided to build Eden a bed so we can move Hunter into Eden's current bed. We like the idea of a lofted bed. It's much a bunk bed, but without a bottom bunk. It gives Eden more space in her room and hopefully we can make the underneath portion a little reading area. When we started looking around most of what we saw {that was close to what we wanted} looked like it was going to cost us close to $2000 and even more some times. Not to mention that cost doesn't include the new mattress. Yeah…we weren't interested in spending that kind of cash right now!

As I dug deeper and started looking into what we wanted I found plans for a bed that I loved. Check it out! {We used this same site to get plans to build our picnic table.}
We love that the stairs go up to the foot of the bed and isn't a ladder at the side of the bed. I love that there's space under the bed. If we have visitors, they can stay in Hunter's bed {that is now Eden's bed} and he can sleep on a pallet on the floor in her room. I love that the bed isn't so tall that it will interfere with the ceiling fan.

There was so much to love about this bed that I jumped at the opportunity to get started. I went to buy the lumber, and got to cutting immediately.
The wood was cut, I got to sanding. I've been working on the project since Tuesday afternoon and I'm almost done sanding the boards. Well…I'm a little more than half way done with the sanding. I guess projects don't move as quickly when you're breaking up fights over toys, making sure kids aren't playing in the street, and being stopped early because of the lack of sunlight. 

I can't wait for this project to be completed! I must admit though, I'm terrified {and a little sad} at the idea of moving Hunter from a crib into a big kid bed…

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