Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas

This year Santa came to our house after 2 full days at Disneyland. Lane and I put out the cookies for Santa since the kids were sleeping when we got home.
When the kids woke up, they discovered that they were in their brand new Christmas pjs and that Santa the Elf was back at the North Pole. I'm pretty sure that Eden is still asking when he's coming back. She's also talking about what she's going to ask for for next Christmas. I hope she realizes soon that it's not going to be a while before Santa makes another visit.
The excitement of heading downstairs was too much to handle. Eden tore downstairs and was running around through all of the gifts. She was telling us to look at this and look at that! She was SO excited about all of it!
 Her big gift was a bike, and she was more than excited to show it off. She was happy to be able to have a seat for Lady on the back of the bike.
Hunter also got a bike. He couldn't get all of the other stuff off of the bike so he could get on it. After he was able to sit on the bike, he leaned off the bike to reach his other toys. The whole time he was exclaiming, "bikkkkkkkkke!" I laugh every time he says "bike" because he over-innunciates the k at the end of the word.
 Once Hunter got off his bike he was happy to dig through his stocking and find candy to munch on. He wanted to open every toy he opened throughout the morning as he was opening the presents. Leaving anything in the package caused an argument with Hunter.
We were able to video chat with both sets of grandparents in Georgia throughout the day. At the end of the day, we all had fun - even the dogs. So much fun, that we didn't get a single family picture! I didn't realize until the kids were already heading up to bed for the night. 

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