Monday, December 23, 2013


A few weeks ago, this is what my garage looked like. There were boards everywhere, only cut to size. They needed sanding and other work to be done in order to make them into Eden's bed. I kind of laughed at myself at the idea of turning this pile of wood into a bed…but it's finally coming together!
 I've got the bed rails put together
The stirs are built and the headboard is close to complete - I need more screws that are longer than what the plans called for.
 The platform is built and so is the footboard.
There are only a few boards left that need to be put together. Tonight I started painting the project {we decided to color match her dresser} and hopefully before the end of the weekend we'll have the bed put together and in Eden's room! I wasn't in such a rush, but then this happened today at nap time…
He insisted on napping in Eden's bed. And he did. He napped for 2 hours in the big kid bed! I was so excited, but I wanted to cry at the same time. He can't possibly be big enough to be ready for a big kid bed…but he is. So now the pressure is on. I have to get Eden's new bed done sooner than later.

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