Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jars of Cake

When I was researching care package ideas I came across an interesting thing. {And yes, I researched care packages - I'm a nerd!} I saw the interesting concept of baking cakes in jars. After you bake them you put the lids on and since the jar is still hot from being in the oven, it seals itself and it should stay good for quite some time. {I'll have to get back to you about how well this holds up!} Tonight Eden, Hunter, and I gave it a go and we'll mail the jars off later this week.

All you are supposed to need to do is mix your cake batter like normal.
 Put the jars on a cookie sheet for balance purposes, mainly.
 Fill the greased jars like you would a cupcake pan.
 Put 'em in the oven and bake. I'm not sure how long I ended up baking mine. I did it for about 5 minutes at a time because I wasn't sure how the jars baked. I know I ended up with at least 15 minutes in the oven.
After they come out, put the lids on while the jars are still hot and they should seal themselves. Package it in a box with a can of icing and some plastic forks/spoons/knives so they can be enjoyed!

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