Monday, June 17, 2013


We sent another care package! Hopefully the things in this one make it there before they go bad.
This box of goodies includes all of that delicious stuff! I made banana bread for the box. I'm hoping it makes the journey around the world without spoiling. I used our food saver vacuum seal for it AND put it in a ziplock. I really only added the ziplock because I wanted him to be able to save what he doesn't eat. I was also smart enough to add in a plastic knife so he can slice it! The pringles can is just a decoy - I actually filled it with some delicious cookies. I made pink lemonade cookies {right from a box.}

Of course no care package is worth anything if it doesn't include art from the kids! I let them bust out markers {until I had to take them away from Hunter because he colored on his legs and the floor and he melted down completely!}

Eden wrote her name on her own for the first time. She wrote it without tracing it! I hope Lane is going to be so proud to see it!

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