Saturday, June 8, 2013

Flight Suit Formal

Each year the Raider-ettes get together in June and have a flight suit formal. All the ladies chop up old flight suits and we make them our own.

Normally, the Raider patch goes where the crown is, but since Lane is deployed, he has his patches and I didn't have any to borrow. Since my call sign is Princess, I spiced it up appropriately.
I had to get Lane's opinion, so I had to take a mirror picture to send to him. I'm glad I did because I think it's the only picture I have of myself from the event.
My accessories to go with my call sign.
I embroidered a crown on the right butt cheek of my flight suit. As some may know - and most may not - my first {yes, first} tattoo was a princess crown on my right butt cheek. 
It is a night that we all get call signs that are assigned by our husbands. Most call signs come with funny, absurd, ridiculous, and/or embarrassing stories.

Angela "flew" in to the theme of Top Gun. Her flight suit is decorated as a C-130.
Listening to the story of her call sign.
I'm not even sure what this was all about!
Kalee taking the red carpet as Nicole came up under her to dance with her. Kalee took it like a champ and just danced along.
Last night was the night and we had a blast.
The ladies who earned their call signs at this years flight suit formal. And yes, that's a baby in the pant leg of a flight suit turned into a matching dress with her mom!
The whole group.

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