Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fruit Salad

This week the kids and I have been getting up super early {for us} and heading to Vacation Bible School. Oh-my-goodness...I am tired! I've had a class of 8-11 preK kids. They're great and wonderful and sweet - and oh so full of energy! Eden and Hunter have been apart and with their own age groups. I think this has been awesome for all of us. Even on Sunday mornings the kids are together, so this week has given all of us a break so we can appreciate each other that much more when we're together again.

At the beginning of VBS I take my kids to the sanctuary and there's music and a small skit put on to teach the kids the fruits of the spirit. We've done 2 every day and in order to keep the kids interested the skit includes a chef who is making fruit of the spirit salad! Along with the skit we've had fun making different crafts, playing outside, doing music and movement, and having story time. The stories have been told with a felt story board, with a puppet, and even just with a kids Bible. It's been fun, and I'll be sad to see it end, but we've got a busy week ahead of us next week, so I've got lots to do around the house to prepare for leaving for Georgia!!!

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