Sunday, June 9, 2013

Motherhood Is...{23}

This week I am blessed by technology.

I don't know how it was done before video chatting and emails and text messages! I honestly can't imagine how I would explain Daddy's absence to my kids if they couldn't see him every now and then and hear his voice. It costs us nothing extra to be able to have this luxury while he's deployed {If you don't count having to buy the device to get internet where he is. But since it's just an up front cost, I don't count it.} 

I mean, there are families who dealt with deployments with very little communications with anyone. Snail mail was the way to go and the only way to talk to loved ones. These days I have some sort of communication with Lane every day. Even if it's just a text message, we're still able to share a quick "I love you" or "hi, my day is going _______" with each other. It makes me feel like he's closer to me than the other side of the globe. 

Lane was able to watch part of Eden's soccer game today. Come cool is that?! Yesterday we talked to him at {our} lunch time and he was able to see Hunter using his spoon to eat soup. He was able to make fun of how ridiculous of an idea it was that I actually gave Hunter soup. And it wasn't at the idea of the memory of it while I recalled the event, he was there for it. He's able to participate in the kids' lives much more than I thought he would. 

I love that we're able to chat with him, and I know the kids appreciate it too - especially since Eden is starting to catch on to the fact that Daddy isn't coming home soon. {She cried about it for the first time today, broke my heart!}

So this week, I am blessed by technology that keeps our family together while we're apart!

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