Sunday, June 16, 2013

Motherhood Is...{24.a}

This week I am blessed by warm sunny weather that lets us play outside {almost}all day every day.

My kids love to be outside. They would eat, sleep, play, laugh, cry, run, jump, and do everything outside if they could! They love being outside - simple as that.

Eden borrowed some skates from her friends and took off! She loved being on wheels, and each time she fell, she got right back up. I reminded her that if she thought she was going to fall that she shouldn't panic. All she had to do was stop, take a breath, and make sure she had everything under control before trying to move again. She was a pro before the day was over.

Hunter bounced that ball around all morning long. He threw it, chased it, picked it up, and did it all over again. He never did it without laughing, so I'm guessing he was having more fun than he knew what to do with! He was so fun to watch.

Both kids were in their element. Outside, fun, sun, letting loose.

Ahhh, to be able to sit and watch the kids while they have fun is what I'm blessed by this week.

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