Friday, June 14, 2013

Feeling Loved

This morning wasn't my best morning since Lane's been gone. I went for a run - which was a good run - and then was chatting with Anna after our run. Lane and Jay {Anna's husband} both got a chance to call while we were sitting around. While it's always great when we get phone calls, part of the news wasn't the best. We still have no idea of when the guys are coming home, but early isn't an option anymore. Ok, so we figure after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas...maybe not! They might miss Christmas. Not fun for anyone! So, we went on about our morning deciding that since nothing is set in stone that we won't worry. Even if they miss Christmas, they're still going to come home eventually, which is what matters most in the end. It's just a let down.

After leaving the lake where we went running the kids and I went shopping for some running shorts for me and then went to the post office. We had to send a care package. Once we got home I put the kids down for naps and a rest and called my parents. They said they mailed me something and asked when UPS came because there should be a box for me today. I was excited to see the box on my front porch, and even more excited when I opened it. I'm not going to lie, it made me cry, but it was awesome to get loved on by my family back home!

The inside of my box! My parents must have been reading up on how to decorate and create care packages!
There's bubble bath and 2 kinds of k cups, coffee and a sleepy time tea to help me start and end my days!
Fun little goodies
Starbucks card.
Anniversary card and notes from my Dad {with instructions on pairing a wine that they sent}, Parker, Sara, and my mom. My brother's note made me cry. I didn't expect the notes from him and Sara, so seeing them made the box extra special. He said something about how not fun it is to be away from your loved one {Sara's still in GA while he's in VA} but that it gets easier. It made me realize that he's growing up more than I realize. He's always looked to me for advice, and now he's giving me advice too!
My bottle of wine.

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