Monday, April 8, 2013


Hunter has a love for rolley pollies! He picks them up, lets them ball up, and then throws them. Such a boy!
Our neighbor, Marie, feeds our dogs her leftovers since she lives alone and doesn't eat everything she cooks. Eden loves Ms. Marie, so she, Cael, and the dogs were saying hi!
Hunter sleeping with his Daddy Doll!
These are the bees that were in our apricot tree. They are not surrounding nothing but the queen bee. There is no large branch under them, no tree ornament, nothing. The bee guy we called said there were probably about 1,000-2,000 of them and that they would just leave one day. They did - all of them at once. I was watching them while we ate lunch, then went to get Eden seconds, and came back and they were all gone.
Our friends Carlos and Ashley got married last weekend. Lane was in the sword arch.
Lane and I after the wedding.
Matt Wood, Lane, me, and Kyle Wilson. These were 2 of the 3 guys that lived with us after TBS in Virginia.
The wedding included a photo booth. Lots of fun!!!

I found my baby ring and put it on Eden. She loved it!
My little dare devil! He learned how to climb up onto the fireplace. He also jumps off of it without any fear. Any by "jumps" I really mean he steps off of it and lands on his face - over and over and over again!

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