Sunday, April 28, 2013

Motherhood Is...{17}

This week I am blessed to have a child who will transfer while asleep.

When Eden was a baby, she never slept in the car. If she did sleep in the car, she sure as heck wasn't going to let you get her out of the car and take her into the house. I'm not sure if it's because Hunter is the second child and he's always had to sleep wherever was convenient, but he does sleep wherever {for the most part.}

This week he fell asleep after our run and playing on the playground on our way home. He almost made it all the way home without falling asleep, and he was smiling at me with his eyes half opened. He was too cute! When we got home Eden wanted to get out of the car first, so I took her inside and then went back to the garage to get him. When I got him out of the car I was able to transfer him to the couch and cover him up while he slept for a few more minutes. He slept on the couch while I made lunch and turned on a show for Eden.

I'm so glad to be able to finally have a child who will go to sleep at the drop of a hat and stay asleep. It makes it easier to be able to be out and about to get things done! We can go anywhere for the most part. And we can still squeeze in a nap, which makes everyone happier!

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