Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Fun

I feel like my kids have been hunting eggs for days now! {And we still haven't dyed any - but I've boiled them and we're doing it at the very last minute!} They did the glow hunt at home Friday night, they did a hunt yesterday at church, and they did another hunt today at brunch. At each of the hunts {except here at home} the kids were given an egg limit and that was awesome! I'm glad there was a limit because the kids didn't come home with a ton of candy!
Coen, Angie, and Cael. This is the picture we took to send to their Daddy because he's in AZ for training.
Hunter in the under 2 section of the egg hunt. Bad Mommy forgot his basket, so he had to hunt with Eden's basket.

Cael said, "Hey! There are more eggs up here!"
Eden hit the jackpot. Sure made finding 10 eggs go pretty quick!
Angie helping Coen find his eggs.
Of course before leaving for brunch, the Easter Bunny delivered the kids' baskets for them. Eden was excited to see her Daddy Doll so she could hug him when he's on his long trips. I haven't told her yet that Lane will be gone on a super long trip soon because I just don't want to deal with that quite yet.

After Easter basket fun we had brunch at Stone Brewery with some friends. They had an egg hunt in their garden area, and our table was in a perfect location outside at the restaurant. The table was off to the side, under an arbor, so we were secluded and didn't feel like our kids had to be silent. It was great! 

Hunter giving Daddy hugs. He had been hanging out with Sara {a friend of ours who was at brunch with us} and as soon as he sat down next to Lane to eat he was giving hugs.

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