Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Much Better

Today started off the way yesterday ended - pretty terrible! Last night ended with Eden screaming because Nugget walked past her room as she was trying to go to sleep. She cried like I had chopped off her leg. Because the dog walked by her room! This morning wasn't much better. She was in time out before Hunter even woke up. She was stomping her foot at me and telling me no before she had been awake for an hour. Today wasn't going to run very smoothly.

As the day went on things gradually got better - despite Eden being in timeout for throwing mulch at the playground and then yelling from timeout {as I was talking to another parent} and having a flat tire on my jogging stroller that I discovered as I took it out of the car to go running. Yes, all of that happened before 10am and the day was better than yesterday!

At the playground Eden was only in time out that once and Hunter was sticking close by and I wasn't having to chase him everywhere. He loves the slides and he's starting to grasp the idea of going down, then around and back up the steps to do it again. He's fun to watch explore! I made sure to let Eden know that her getting-better-behavior did not go un-noticed and therefore it got better and better as the day went on {and then she napped!} Eden's attitude wasn't the only one that adjusted for the better. I made sure to pay attention to how I was reacting to her behavior. I didn't lose my cool and I didn't get angry with her.

It helped to have a friend close by at the playground who talked me through Eden's behavior issues. She also provided me with ideas for different situations that Eden presents me with. Not just that, but I got a reassuring message from a friend today. It's just nice to be surrounded {physically and virtually} by people who can see the good in what you do when you've got clouded visions of how life is treating you! They see you for what you're worth, and they remind you that it's sometimes more than you think of yourself.

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