Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Neon Run

We did another family fun-run this past weekend. It was a blast! There was music, running, dancing, and glowing. We did the Neon Run and we enjoyed being able to stay out late with the kids to do something special. Not to mention, the next morning our kids graced us with a little bit of sleeping in - Eden slept until 9 and Hunter until 10!

The run was similar to the Color run, where they spray you with a substance {the Color Run used a powder and the Neon Run used a liquid paint} in order to get you to glow. We got there early, so we took the opportunity to use the tailgate seats in the new van and just hang out before heading over to the start of the course.

the start line

After each spray session there were tents with black lights so you could glow as you ran through. It was a lot of fun and our clothes are still splotched with paint to prove it!

all of us looked a little bit like this!
Eden was looking at her painted hands.

After the run, Lane thought he could use a 4th meal to round out the evening. We stopped at In-n-Out on our way home to grab an animal style burger. Who wouldn't want a burger after a run. And come one, we looked good enough to go out with our painted faces!

It was lots of fun and we had the glow to prove it!

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