Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Very...Long...Week!

This is what Eden did during "nap time" on Monday. This was not how I left my bed when I got up for the day! And she wasn't even supposed to be in there! She was doing anything and everything to stay awake at nap time.
I took some pictures of the kids for something that I'm doing to give to Lane for Father's Day and this is one of the "out takes" from Hunter's session.
Eden's mischievous eyes!
He wanted to smile, but he was not quite ready to wake up after the car ride home.
Tuesday - she wasn't tired...can you tell?!
Hunter was signing "more" during dinner. I'm so glad he's starting to communicate in a way other than screaming!
After we got the flat tire and I pumped it back up, Hunter wanted to help. He used a part of the air compressor, but the hose wasn't hooked up to it.
These are some of the lyrics to the song that Lane and I danced to at our wedding reception. I embroidered them on a patch of fabric and I'm going to sew them into his cover for while he's deployed. This was supposed to be an anniversary gift, but I couldn't figure out a way to sneak it in, so I told him about it already and I'll put it in his cover for him to have when he's not able to be with us.
Hunter didn't want to wake up to go on our morning run. He doesn't usually stay asleep after the door to his room was open, but he was out like a light this day! He was too sweet not to take a picture!
Yet another day that Eden was refusing to nap! She was jumping on her bed during nap time, so I turned her mattress up on it's side so she couldn't jump anymore. 
These snails were on the kids' inflatable pool one morning. Hunter noticed them and wanted to play with them. Once he picked one up and I made him put it down they all piled on each other and stayed that way most of the day {until I put them in the yard by the plants}. There were 4 of them! Eden got a kick out of the "tower" of snails.
One of the many lizards that we saw on our run this morning. He had a blue belly, which was why I wanted to take a picture of him. 
Hunter LOVES to go down the slide! He's going to give me a heart attack before I'm 30.
During the practice portion of soccer, the team learned about being the goalie.
We came home and played in the water table and ate a picnic lunch. Eden asked me to take a picture of her and Hunter together.
Yep, there's the climber! 

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