Sunday, April 21, 2013

Motherhood Is...{16}

This week my blessing is that the man in the blue shirt is home right now.

With the deployment coming much faster than I had hoped I'm so glad that he's home right now. I'm trying to remember to live in the here-and-now and not dwell on the fact that he's leaving. But the reality is that he will be leaving. We've got to find the right time to start talking to the kids {mainly Eden since Hunter won't get it really} about his "long trip" and how much is too much information, but still telling her the truth. I'm thinking we're going to go the route that Daddy is on a long trip and he's flying his airplane. We'll be able to {hopefully} video chat with him via facetime and Skype, so the kids will be able to "see" him while he's away. Lucky {or not} for us, we've gone through weeks without Daddy, so it was good practice for us.

For now, he's home. For now, I'm living in the moment. For now, I'm beyond excited that he's here with us!

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