Saturday, April 20, 2013

Soccer Mom

Yep, that's right. I'm now living the dream - I have my van, I have my soccer player, we have bag chairs, and every Saturday morning we head out to soccer games! I'm so excited!!!

Eden started playing soccer today. She had fun while it started and then by the end of the hour-long practice she was hot and tired. She had never done any sort of activity that included heat AND following directions at the same time for a full hour.

{and yes, I was THAT mom that took tons of pictures. BUT I was not that mom who didn't let her kid participate with the coach by hovering over her!}

follow the leader with all of the kids
stretching with Cael before everything got started
With her neon yellow team, waiting for her turn to dribble.

We're a soccer family and I love it!
Passing drill
Water and pep talk from Daddy at the end of practice!

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