Sunday, April 14, 2013

Motherhood Is...{15}

This week my blessing is relaxation {with wine and cheesecake}.

This week Lane had to travel overnight for a mission with the squadron. He left before the kids and I woke up, but we had prepped Eden with the idea and she helped me remind Hunter throughout the day. She was really cute when she would tell him things. Once he ran to the door that goes to the garage {like he does when Lane gets home} for no reason in particular. Eden told Hunter, "no, he's not coming home tonight. He's having dinner with Mr. James."

Everything was great that day until we hit nap time - and skipped it! It wasn't their fault. We were doing a 5k this weekend and I had to get our race packets, so we skipped nap time. Then we had a bright idea that we'd go out to dinner. Want to know the best part?! I did this with 2 other moms with 2 kids each. Count em...6 kids and 3 moms who were beyond exhausted. Oh my goodness. It was a disaster. Luckily when we got to the restaurant it was early {before 5:00} and our waiter was very good. Best part about dinner? Cheesecake! We made sure to take some cheesecake home with us, so we could indulge when the kids went to bed.

As soon as I got home both of my kids went to bed and I {over}poured my glass of wine, opened my computer, and chowed down. I had key lime cheesecake - to die for! Eden came in my room to cuddle and I told her that I couldn't reward her bad behavior, so I gave her a kiss and sent her on her way. Yep, I did it! I ate the whole slice even when she asked for it. I justified it by reminding myself of how terrible the evening was at dinner and telling myself I deserved it. I deserved the whole thing because it was finally my chance to relax and get over the stress of the night. I think I was a better mom the next day because of my chance to sit, relax, eat, drink, and be merry!

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