Monday, April 29, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

Before the race
I have the second of the 3 half marathons to qualify for the Triple Crown medal. I think I can honestly say that I don't have much desire to ever do the half marathon that we did yesterday again. Ever. The hills on the course were insane! There was a huge hill to get us up into Torrey Pines, and they never seemed to end. When I went back and looked at the elevation climb on each of the 2 races I've done, it was amazing! The Carlsbad Half Marathon in January had a climb of 871 feet, and the La Jolla Half Marathon yesterday had a climb of 1207 feet! My time yesterday was slower than the Carlsbad Half, but with that kid of difference in our elevation climb, I'm ok with that! I was only slower by 4 minutes, so overall, I think my running was faster than before. My time for this half was 2:18:19 {Carlsbad was 2:14:11}.

 I ended up with a few blisters on my feet and my knees are pretty sore. Lane got a much bigger blister on the arch of his foot - about the size of a quarter! Lane actually broke down and took an ice bath last night to help with his joints. He got lucky that it's his joints - my muscles hurt when I flex my toes. Ok, ok, neither one of us really lucked out! The pain I have is a reminder of the milestone that I met yesterday!
After the race in the beer garden 
Me with Karin. She ran the Carlsbad Half too. We're going to accomplish the Triple Crown together - without ever running together because she's much faster than I am! She ran La Jolla in under 2 hours {which is my goal for the next run!! We'll see about that...}

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